Tiertime Up Box at NY MakerFaire 2014


  • Build Envelope: 255 x 205 x 205 mm
  • Layer Resolution: Up to 0.1 mm (100 micron)
  • Printer Size: 485 x 520 x 495 mm
  • Printer Weight: 20 kg
  • Filament Compatibility: 1.75mm ABS Plastic Filament and PLA which is ideal for lost wax or investment casting
  • Connectivity: USB


  • Seamless print experience with the automated calibration feature. The platform will level without any human intervention.
  • Fully enclosed build chamber which will cut down drastically on noise (only 51 decibels), while also keeping fumes from reaching outside the chamber via a HEPA filter.
  • 30% faster than Tiertime’s previous top of the line 3D Printer, the UP Plus 2
  • Incredibly well engineered with an internal steel chassis
  • Easy filament color changing with the press of a button

~ 3dprint.com

SculptFab - SculptGL + Sketchfab

Similar to Sculptris webtool enables embedding created 3d models around the web via sketchfab.

Maker The Movie: A Documentary on the Maker Movement

feature-length documentary on the Maker Movement and its impact on society, culture and economy in the U.S

The documentary is a series of interviews with leading thinkers in the maker movement, their motivations and the future as they see it evolving.  You can request a screening for your local area, school, hacker space or find a screening that is already happening in your area.  Also screening from September 26th on Netflix is the Print the Legend movie, following the growth of Formlabs and Makerbot as they raced to bring 3D printers to peoples homes.

Embroidery machine with XY belt and pinion drive made by sausagePaws Embroidery machine with XY belt and pinion drive made by sausagePaws

RGB Color 3D Printer from Pirx - is it possible ?

"The folks from Krakow-based Pirx have been making basic personal 3D printers for a while now, but lately they’ve been working on a new machine that could be able to print in full RGB color. At the moment they have only a prototype, which they recently displayed at the London 3D Printshow. 

Do they use multiple extruders? No. Do they mix differently colored filament in a single nozzle to create arbitrary colors? No. Then how do they do it? 

They’ve been inspired by those who have experimented with marker pens adding color to the filament just as it enters the extruder. That method is quite crude, but does demonstrate that it is possible to “ink” filament during extrusion. 

The Pirx color solution involves the installation of a 2D color inkjet printhead on the extruder. The inkjet can theoretically squirt out any RGB color on demand and change colors very rapidly. By carefully coordinating the mechanics, the Pirx team believes they can actually color printed objects. In the image above, you can see how they placed spot color on a section of a cup.”
~ fabbaloo.com