3D Printing Marketplaces

Short list of functioning or future (in production) online 3d printing marketplaces:

1. Shapeways (the most popular with the biggest “3dprintouts” collection)

2. i.materialise (very interesting 3d printable art, jewellery and so on)

3. Ponoko (one of the earliest webpage to order 3d-printed things, laser cutting is also available!)

4.Sculpteo (recently backed by huge investment european 3d-printing marketplace)

5. Kraftwurx (“platform that empowers everyone to create, showcase, buy and sell personalized products with 3d printing”; huge thx seattle-gadgets.tumblr.com 4 reblog!)

6. Azavy (new player not yet online read more at 3ders.org)

7. MakerShop (new kid on the block available online! read more at 3ders.org)

8. Fabulonia (soon available “The world’s first 3D marketplace securing the originality and copyrights of designers with real, online copyright technologies, while keeping the creativity of 3D printing.”)

9.3DLT (soon available “3d Printing Template Marketplace For Everyday People)

10. Layer By Layer (in production “marketplace for the buying, selling, and sharing of 3D designs”)

11.Trinckle (new german 3d printing marketplace available online!)

12. Modelyst ( not yet available “all-in-one 3D printing service that allows users to: -Download, sell, create, share, purchase, send and gift 3D printing models, designs, and much more… “)

3D Printing Net/Hubs of local services:

1. makexyz (“get your model printed by a maker or print shop in your neighborhood”)

2. FabGate (“locale rapid prototyping or 3D print services”)

3. Presspin (new “3D printing peer-to-peer marketplace”)

4. 3dHub (very early project - local 3d printing marketplace by Brian and Bram, more info in 20 min video on blog.ultimaker.com)

Please if you know not mentioned above 3d printing marketplaces/nets or websites with similar functions reblog this or send tumblr private message! Thanks in advance. :) ~ personalfactory.tumblr.com